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Mrs. Poland International®

Iwona Gabryonczyk

People's Choice Award

1.Tell us why anyone would want come to your hometown?
I live in one of the biggest cities in Poland – Lodz which is the academic and cultural center. In the past it was the biggest industrial area with lots of factories and terraced houses and all of them have been renovated and now look beautiful which attracts many tourists. It’s also famous for its Film School which released many famous actors and directors. It’s really worth visiting.

2.What are the (2) most important things in your closet and why?
In my closet I love two things the most. One of them is practical -it’s a set for my workout which I do every day and I really enjoy it. I can’t imagine a day without exercising. The other one is sentimental. These are a few things which belonged to my mom. I left them for myself because she had them by her side almost all the time when she was living.

3.What do you love to cook and why?
Actually, I don’t cook because I don’t have enough time for that and, frankly speaking, I am not good at it. But, I love eating and I love tasting new dishes especially when somebody else prepares them for me. My daughter says that the only thing I can make well in the kitchen are sandwiches and tea.

4.If you had an extra hour each day, what would you do?
If I had an extra hour each day I would definitely sleep because I am always on the go and I don’t have enough time for having a rest. But, I like being active and I enjoy every moment of life. So, If I had an extra hour a day I would charge my batteries to be more energetic.

5.Describe the dirtiest job you have ever had to do?
I was 14 at that time and I had to work to help my mom who was raising me alone. Besides, I also wanted to have some money for myself so, during my winter holidays, I decided to work in the factory at the assembly line packing sugar. It was a very dangerous job without any protection so it was easy to hurt myself. After that experience I knew I would never work in such conditions and in such a place.

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